Country: Russia
Founded: 2014
Fleet size: 12
Fleet age: 1.6 year.
Base airport: Vnukovo Airport (VKO)
Airline Pobeda is an airline from Russia. Airline founded in 2014. Base airport is Vnukovo Airport (VKO). Airlines operates flights to more than 116 destinations.

Pobeda fleet consisted of 12 aircraft, average age of aircraft 1.6 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Sochi International Airport (AER)40
Sochi International Airport (AER)Vnukovo Airport (VKO)39
Makhachkala Airport (MCX)Vnukovo Airport (VKO)17
Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Pulkovo Airport (LED)14
Koltsovo International Airport (SVX)Vnukovo Airport (VKO)14
Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Makhachkala Airport (MCX)14
Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Gelendzik Airport (GDZ)13
Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Cheboksary Airport (CSY)12
Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Krasnodar International Airport (KRR)12
Tivat Airport (TIV)Vnukovo Airport (VKO)12

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
DP825Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Larnaca International Airport (LCA)0 feet.0 knots.B738
DP921Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Miramare Airport (RMI)2000 feet.173 knots.B738
DP835Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Gazipasa Airport (GZP)3200 feet.167 knots.B738
DP460Cheboksary Airport (CSY)Vnukovo Airport (VKO)3700 feet.189 knots.B738
DP518Volgograd International Airport (VOG)Pulkovo Airport (LED)14100 feet.390 knots.B738
DP525Pulkovo Airport (LED)Cheboksary Airport (CSY)28700 feet.409 knots.B738
DP839Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Antalya Airport (AYT)30200 feet.383 knots.B738
DP505Makhachkala Airport (MCX)Pulkovo Airport (LED)34000 feet.445 knots.B738
DP829Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Tivat Airport (TIV)34300 feet.441 knots.B738
DP117Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Sochi International Airport (AER)35000 feet.408 knots.B738
DP961Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV)35000 feet.386 knots.B738
DP338Kazan International Airport (KZN)Sochi International Airport (AER)36000 feet.425 knots.B738
DP174Magas Airport (IGT)Vnukovo Airport (VKO)36000 feet.480 knots.B738
DP831Vnukovo Airport (VKO)Girona-Costa Brava Airport (GRO)37000 feet.416 knots.B738