Jetstar Asia Airways Pte Ltd

Country: Singapore
Founded: 2004
Fleet size: 18
Fleet age: 6 year.
Base airport: Changi International Airport (SIN)
Airline Jetstar Asia Airways Pte Ltd is an airline from Singapore. Airline founded in 2004. Base airport is Changi International Airport (SIN). Airlines operates flights to more than 27 destinations.

Jetstar Asia Airways Pte Ltd fleet consisted of 18 aircraft, average age of aircraft 6 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Куала-Лумпур (KUL)Чанги (SIN)303
Чанги (SIN)Куала-Лумпур (KUL)299
Чанги (SIN)Сукарно-Хатта (CGK)289
Сукарно-Хатта (CGK)Чанги (SIN)286
Суварнабхуми (BKK)Чанги (SIN)264
Чанги (SIN)Суварнабхуми (BKK)248
Ниной Акино (MNL)Чанги (SIN)215
Чанги (SIN)Ниной Акино (MNL)211
Нгура-Раи (DPS)Чанги (SIN)205
Чанги (SIN)Нгура-Раи (DPS)191