Country: Russia
Founded: 1991
Fleet size: 63
Fleet age: 14.2 year.
Base airport: Surgut Airport (SGC)
Airline UTair is an airline from Russia. Airline founded in 1991. Base airport is Surgut Airport (SGC). Airlines operates flights to more than 65 destinations.

UTair fleet consisted of 63 aircraft, average age of aircraft 14.2 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Внуково (VKO)Адлер (AER)20
Внуково (VKO)Уйташ (MCX)20
Сургут (SGC)Внуково (VKO)20
Внуково (VKO)Сургут (SGC)19
Внуково (VKO)Пашковский (KRR)19
Уйташ (MCX)Внуково (VKO)19
Пашковский (KRR)Внуково (VKO)18
Рощино (TJM)Внуково (VKO)18
Адлер (AER)Внуково (VKO)17
Адлер (AER)Пашковский (KRR)17

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
UT120Рощино (TJM)Сургут (SGC)0 feet.0 knots.AT72
UT287Рощино (TJM)Нижневартовск (NJC)0 feet.0 knots.AT72
UT254Сургут (SGC)Внуково (VKO)11700 feet.266 knots.B738
UT111Сургут (SGC)Кольцово (SVX)22000 feet.234 knots.AT72
UT152Нижневартовск (NJC)Уфа (UFA)23200 feet.329 knots.B735
UT804Душанбе (DYU)Внуково (VKO)32000 feet.365 knots.B762
UT452Рощино (TJM)Внуково (VKO)33400 feet.371 knots.B735
UT356Грозный (GRV)Внуково (VKO)34000 feet.354 knots.B735
UT446Когалым (KGP)Внуково (VKO)34000 feet.367 knots.B735
UT380Сыктывкар (SCW)Внуково (VKO)34000 feet.411 knots.B735
UT572Емельяново (KJA)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.417 knots.B738
UT364Уфа (UFA)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.411 knots.B735
UT248Сургут (SGC)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.416 knots.B738
UT266Курган (KRO)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.393 knots.B734
UT880Звартноц (EVN)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.401 knots.B738
UT350Ставрополь (STW)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.370 knots.B738
UT352Ханты-Мансийск (HMA)Внуково (VKO)36000 feet.394 knots.B735
UT578Мурманск (MMK)Внуково (VKO)37000 feet.454 knots.B738
UT560Уйташ (MCX)Внуково (VKO)38000 feet.400 knots.B738
UT454Рощино (TJM)Внуково (VKO)38000 feet.415 knots.B735
UT560Уйташ (MCX)Внуково (VKO)38000 feet.401 knots.B738