UPS Airlines

Country: United States
Founded: 1907
Fleet size: 237
Fleet age: 17.5 year.
Base airport: Louisville International Airport-Standiford Field (SDF)
Airline UPS Airlines is an airline from United States. Airline founded in 1907. Base airport is Louisville International Airport-Standiford Field (SDF). Airlines operates flights to more than 190 destinations.

UPS Airlines fleet consisted of 237 aircraft, average age of aircraft 17.5 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Анкоридж (ANC)Стэндифорд (SDF)1091
Онтарио (ONT)Стэндифорд (SDF)832
Форт-Уорт (DFW)Стэндифорд (SDF)778
Ньюарк Либерти (EWR)Стэндифорд (SDF)702
Стэндифорд (SDF)Анкоридж (ANC)647
Стэндифорд (SDF)Филадельфия (международный) (PHL)607
Стэндифорд (SDF)Окленд (OAK)578
Стэндифорд (SDF)Ньюарк Либерти (EWR)570
Стэндифорд (SDF)Онтарио (ONT)568
Филадельфия (международный) (PHL)Стэндифорд (SDF)557

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
5X89Инчеон (ICN)Анкоридж (ANC)32000 feet.498 knots.B748
5X5Гонконг (HKG)Кельн-Бонн (CGN)34000 feet.490 knots.B748
5X6242Кельн-Бонн (CGN)Валенсия (VLC)41000 feet.455 knots.B762