ANA Wings Co., Ltd.

Country: Japan
Founded: 2010
Fleet size: 41
Fleet age: 13.8 year.
Base airport: Haneda Airport (HND)
Airline ANA Wings Co., Ltd. is an airline from Japan. Airline founded in 2010. Base airport is Haneda Airport (HND). Airlines operates flights to more than 51 destinations.

ANA Wings Co., Ltd. fleet consisted of 41 aircraft, average age of aircraft 13.8 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Итами (ITM)Мацуяма (MYJ)51
Мацуяма (MYJ)Итами (ITM)51
Итами (ITM)Кумамото (KMJ)46
Кумамото (KMJ)Итами (ITM)45
Коти (KCZ)Итами (ITM)40
Читозе (CTS)Чубу (NGO)39
Итами (ITM)Коти (KCZ)39
Наха (OKA)Исигаки (ISG)35
Исигаки (ISG)Наха (OKA)35
Чубу (NGO)Читозе (CTS)34

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
EH4866Мемамбецу (MMB)Читозе (CTS)0 feet.0 knots.DH8B
EH4936Цусима (TSJ)Фукуока (FUK)0 feet.0 knots.DH8B
EH1263Сидзуока (FSZ)Наха (OKA)1000 feet.132 knots.B738
EH1770Исигаки (ISG)Наха (OKA)1400 feet.229 knots.B738
EH4874Кусиро (KUH)Читозе (CTS)2300 feet.163 knots.DH8B
EH1227Сендай (SDJ)Читозе (CTS)4800 feet.224 knots.DH8B
EH1608Коти (KCZ)Итами (ITM)6400 feet.245 knots.DH8B
EH1771Наха (OKA)Исигаки (ISG)7200 feet.291 knots.B738
EH1750Миякодзима (MMY)Кансай (KIX)11800 feet.343 knots.B738
EH1689Итами (ITM)Оита (OIT)12000 feet.317 knots.DH8B
EH784Нагасаки (NGS)Итами (ITM)13700 feet.359 knots.737
EH1642Мацуяма (MYJ)Итами (ITM)16100 feet.303 knots.DH8B
EH508Миядзаки (KMI)Итами (ITM)16900 feet.361 knots.737
EH1160Кумамото (KMJ)Итами (ITM)17200 feet.384 knots.B738
EH1833Акита (AXT)Читозе (CTS)21000 feet.410 knots.DH8B
EH1627Итами (ITM)Кумамото (KMJ)22000 feet.312 knots.DH8B
EH355Чубу (NGO)Кагосима (KOJ)22200 feet.327 knots.DH8B
EH710Читозе (CTS)Чубу (NGO)27500 feet.445 knots.B738
EH325Чубу (NGO)Асахикава (AKJ)33000 feet.455 knots.B738
EH327Чубу (NGO)Мемамбецу (MMB)33000 feet.466 knots.B738
EH984Читозе (CTS)Итами (ITM)34000 feet.475 knots.737
EH1192Кагосима (KOJ)Чубу (NGO)39000 feet.410 knots.B738
EH1165Итами (ITM)Исигаки (ISG)40000 feet.455 knots.B738
EH1878Миякодзима (MMY)Фукуока (FUK)41000 feet.439 knots.B738
EH1694Наха (OKA)Читозе (CTS)41000 feet.439 knots.B738
EH1264Наха (OKA)Сидзуока (FSZ)41000 feet.440 knots.B738