Empire Airlines

Country: United States Minor Outlying Islands
Founded: 1977
Fleet size: 6
Fleet age: 17.4 year.
Base airport: Spokane International Airport (GEG)
Airline Empire Airlines is an airline from United States Minor Outlying Islands. Airline founded in 1977. Base airport is Spokane International Airport (GEG). Airlines operates flights to more than 225 destinations.

Empire Airlines fleet consisted of 6 aircraft, average age of aircraft 17.4 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Гонолулу (HNL)Ланаи (LNY)541
Ланаи (LNY)Гонолулу (HNL)531
Гонолулу (HNL)Молокай (MKK)343
Молокай (MKK)Гонолулу (HNL)311
Рог-Вэлли (MFR)Портленд (PDX)261
Портленд (PDX)Рог-Вэлли (MFR)243
Редмонд (RDM)Портленд (PDX)242
Портленд (PDX)Редмонд (RDM)229
Капалуа (JHM)Гонолулу (HNL)229
Гонолулу (HNL)Капалуа (JHM)226