All Nippon Airways

Country: Japan
Alliance: Star Alliance
Founded: 1952
Fleet size: 206
Fleet age: 9.5 year.
Base airport: Haneda Airport (HND)
Airline All Nippon Airways is an airline from Japan. Airline founded in 1952. All Nippon Airways is a member of the Star Alliance alliance. Base airport is Haneda Airport (HND). Airlines operates flights to more than 108 destinations.

All Nippon Airways fleet consisted of 206 aircraft, average age of aircraft 9.5 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Ханеда (HND)Фукуока (FUK)2085
Фукуока (FUK)Ханеда (HND)2041
Ханеда (HND)Читозе (CTS)1783
Читозе (CTS)Ханеда (HND)1772
Ханеда (HND)Итами (ITM)1709
Итами (ITM)Ханеда (HND)1691
Ханеда (HND)Наха (OKA)1595
Наха (OKA)Ханеда (HND)1552
Ханеда (HND)Хиросима (HIJ)989
Хиросима (HIJ)Ханеда (HND)955