Country: Sweden
Alliance: Star Alliance
Founded: 1946
Fleet size: 155
Fleet age: 11.1 year.
Base airport: Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
Airline SAS is an airline from Sweden. Airline founded in 1946. SAS is a member of the Star Alliance alliance. Base airport is Copenhagen Airport (CPH). Airlines operates flights to more than 185 destinations.

SAS fleet consisted of 155 aircraft, average age of aircraft 11.1 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Осло (OSL)Тромсё (TOS)37
Осло (OSL)Ваернес (TRD)36
Тромсё (TOS)Осло (OSL)36
Флесланд (BGO)Осло (OSL)36
Сула (SVG)Осло (OSL)35
Осло (OSL)Сула (SVG)34
Ваернес (TRD)Осло (OSL)34
Осло (OSL)Флесланд (BGO)34
Каструп (CPH)Осло (OSL)31
Осло (OSL)Каструп (CPH)30

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
SK2551Каструп (CPH)Схипхол (AMS)27075 feet.353 knots.CRJ9
SK777Каструп (CPH)Элефтериос Веницелос (ATH)36975 feet.472 knots.A20N
SK2817Каструп (CPH)Соуда (CHQ)39000 feet.460 knots.A20N
SK4679Осло (OSL)Малага (AGP)40975 feet.420 knots.B737