Atlas Air

Country: United States
Founded: 1992
Fleet size: 36
Fleet age: 20.2 year.
Base airport: Miami International Airport (MIA)
Airline Atlas Air is an airline from United States. Airline founded in 1992. Base airport is Miami International Airport (MIA). Airlines operates flights to more than 279 destinations.

Atlas Air fleet consisted of 36 aircraft, average age of aircraft 20.2 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Анкоридж (ANC)Инчеон (ICN)31
Анкоридж (ANC)О'Хара (ORD)17
О'Хара (ORD)Анкоридж (ANC)14
Денвер (DEN)Цинциннати (CVG)12
Цинциннати (CVG)Денвер (DEN)12
Цинциннати (CVG)Джордж Буш (IAH)12
March ARB (RIV)Гонолулу (HNL)12
Анкоридж (ANC)Лос-Анджелес (LAX)11
Инчеон (ICN)Анкоридж (ANC)11
Нарита (NRT)Анкоридж (ANC)9

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
5Y7105Лос-Анджелес (LAX)Нарита (NRT)0 feet.0 knots.B744
5Y2838Сан-Франциско (SFO)Инчеон (ICN)0 feet.0 knots.B744
5Y8257Ramstein (RMS)Балтимор (BWI)0 feet.0 knots.B763
5Y586Ухань (WUH)Анкоридж (ANC)31100 feet.537 knots.B744
5Y8221Анкоридж (ANC)Нойбей (HAN)32000 feet.482 knots.B744
5Y3731Портленд (PDX)Clinton Field (ILN)35000 feet.531 knots.B763
5Y7168Анкоридж (ANC)Форт-Уорт (DFW)35000 feet.567 knots.B744
5Y61Майами (MIA)Виракопос (VCP)35000 feet.496 knots.B744
5Y2838Сан-Франциско (SFO)Инчеон (ICN)36000 feet.456 knots.B744
5Y3729Тампа (TPA)Балтимор (BWI)37000 feet.477 knots.B763
5Y3706Балтимор (BWI)Онтарио (ONT)38000 feet.416 knots.B763
5Y8709О'Хара (ORD)Анкоридж (ANC)38000 feet.460 knots.B748
5Y8937О'Хара (ORD)Анкоридж (ANC)38000 feet.521 knots.B744
5Y545Кеннеди (JFK)Анкоридж (ANC)40000 feet.485 knots.B744
5Y8065Анкоридж (ANC)Инчеон (ICN)40000 feet.476 knots.B744
5Y8067Elmendorf AFB (EDF)Kadena AB (DNA)40000 feet.496 knots.B744