Country: Aland Islands
Alliance: OneWorld
Founded: 1923
Fleet size: 51
Fleet age: 9.8 year.
Base airport: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL)
Airline Finnair is an airline from Aland Islands. Airline founded in 1923. Finnair is a member of the OneWorld alliance. Base airport is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL). Airlines operates flights to more than 135 destinations.

Finnair fleet consisted of 51 aircraft, average age of aircraft 9.8 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Вантаа (HEL)Оулу (OUL)40
Оулу (OUL)Вантаа (HEL)34
Вантаа (HEL)Юлемисте (TLL)33
Юлемисте (TLL)Вантаа (HEL)31
Вантаа (HEL)Каструп (CPH)26
Вантаа (HEL)Арланда (ARN)26
Каструп (CPH)Вантаа (HEL)24
Арланда (ARN)Вантаа (HEL)24
Рованиеми (RVN)Вантаа (HEL)20
Вантаа (HEL)Рованиеми (RVN)20

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
AY2057Вантаа (HEL)Кос (KGS)37000 feet.455 knots.A319
AY1331Вантаа (HEL)Хитроу (LHR)38000 feet.441 knots.A321
AY1401Вантаа (HEL)Франц Йозеф Штраус (MUC)38000 feet.427 knots.A319
AY132Чанги (SIN)Вантаа (HEL)40000 feet.482 knots.A359
AY1541Вантаа (HEL)Брюссель (BRU)40000 feet.433 knots.E190
AY74Нарита (NRT)Вантаа (HEL)40000 feet.467 knots.A359
WBA1301Вантаа (HEL)Схипхол (AMS)40000 feet.439 knots.E190
WBA1531Вантаа (HEL)Женева (GVA)40000 feet.439 knots.E190
AY102Гонконг (HKG)Вантаа (HEL)40100 feet.472 knots.A359