Cathay Pacific

Country: Hong Kong
Alliance: OneWorld
Founded: 1946
Fleet size: 143
Fleet age: 8.3 year.
Base airport: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Airline Cathay Pacific is an airline from Hong Kong. Airline founded in 1946. Cathay Pacific is a member of the OneWorld alliance. Base airport is Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Airlines operates flights to more than 94 destinations.

Cathay Pacific fleet consisted of 143 aircraft, average age of aircraft 8.3 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Анкоридж (ANC)Гонконг (HKG)1571
Гонконг (HKG)Анкоридж (ANC)1375
Чан-кай-ши (TPE)Гонконг (HKG)839
Гонконг (HKG)Чан-кай-ши (TPE)683
Гонконг (HKG)Кингсфорд Смит (SYD)626
Гонконг (HKG)Суварнабхуми (BKK)510
Суварнабхуми (BKK)Гонконг (HKG)493
Хитроу (LHR)Гонконг (HKG)486
Кингсфорд Смит (SYD)Гонконг (HKG)469
Гонконг (HKG)Хитроу (LHR)447

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
CX81Анкоридж (ANC)Гонконг (HKG)0 feet.0 knots.B748
CX171Гонконг (HKG)Перт (PER)0 feet.0 knots.A35K
CX654Суварнабхуми (BKK)Гонконг (HKG)13900 feet.382 knots.A333
CX3294Гонконг (HKG)Анкоридж (ANC)31000 feet.483 knots.B748
CX2090Анкоридж (ANC)Форт-Уорт (DFW)33000 feet.469 knots.74N
CX47Гонконг (HKG)Мумбаи (BOM)34000 feet.518 knots.B744
CX100Кингсфорд Смит (SYD)Гонконг (HKG)38000 feet.430 knots.A35K
CX104Тулламарин (MEL)Гонконг (HKG)38000 feet.477 knots.A35K
CX100Кингсфорд Смит (SYD)Гонконг (HKG)38000 feet.478 knots.A35K
CX3291Анкоридж (ANC)Гонконг (HKG)39000 feet.448 knots.B748
CX823Пирсон (YYZ)Гонконг (HKG)40000 feet.514 knots.A35K
CX85Пирсон (YYZ)Анкоридж (ANC)40000 feet.448 knots.B748
CX844Гонконг (HKG)Кеннеди (JFK)41000 feet.528 knots.A35K
CX2095Анкоридж (ANC)Гонконг (HKG)43000 feet.440 knots.B748