Singapore Airlines

Country: Singapore
Alliance: Star Alliance
Founded: 1972
Fleet size: 111
Fleet age: 8.1 year.
Base airport: Changi International Airport (SIN)
Airline Singapore Airlines is an airline from Singapore. Airline founded in 1972. Singapore Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance alliance. Base airport is Changi International Airport (SIN). Airlines operates flights to more than 85 destinations.

Singapore Airlines fleet consisted of 111 aircraft, average age of aircraft 8.1 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Чанги (SIN)Кингсфорд Смит (SYD)24
Кингсфорд Смит (SYD)Чанги (SIN)23
Пудун (PVG)Чанги (SIN)22
Чанги (SIN)Гонконг (HKG)20
Тулламарин (MEL)Чанги (SIN)15
Гонконг (HKG)Чанги (SIN)13
Чанги (SIN)Тулламарин (MEL)11
Чанги (SIN)Пудун (PVG)10
Гонконг (HKG)Анкоридж (ANC)10
Франкфурт-на-Майне (FRA)Чанги (SIN)10

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
SQ7979Брюссель (BRU)Шарджа (SHJ)33000 feet.0 knots.B744
SQ479Тамбо (JNB)Чанги (SIN)41000 feet.472 knots.A359
SQ8005Индустан (BLR)Чанги (SIN)41000 feet.474 knots.A359
SQ323Схипхол (AMS)Чанги (SIN)41004 feet.488 knots.A359