Country: Netherlands
Alliance: SkyTeam
Founded: 1919
Fleet size: 116
Fleet age: 11.1 year.
Base airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)
Airline KLM is an airline from Netherlands. Airline founded in 1919. KLM is a member of the SkyTeam alliance. Base airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Airlines operates flights to more than 203 destinations.

KLM fleet consisted of 116 aircraft, average age of aircraft 11.1 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Хитроу (LHR)Схипхол (AMS)779
Схипхол (AMS)Хитроу (LHR)778
Каструп (CPH)Схипхол (AMS)575
Схипхол (AMS)Каструп (CPH)565
Шарль де Голль (CDG)Схипхол (AMS)535
Схипхол (AMS)Шарль де Голль (CDG)532
Тегель (TXL)Схипхол (AMS)512
Схипхол (AMS)Тегель (TXL)502
Франц Йозеф Штраус (MUC)Схипхол (AMS)495
Схипхол (AMS)Франц Йозеф Штраус (MUC)490

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
KL1329Схипхол (AMS)Ольборг (AAL)3425 feet.260 knots.E75L
KL1740Люксембург (LUX)Схипхол (AMS)23225 feet.311 knots.E75L
KL1425Схипхол (AMS)Бирмингем (BHX)25825 feet.382 knots.B737
KL913Схипхол (AMS)Фонтанаросса (CTA)28375 feet.400 knots.B738
KL1352Вацлав Гавел (PRG)Схипхол (AMS)30407 feet.386 knots.E190
KL1945Схипхол (AMS)Сплит (SPU)30750 feet.460 knots.B737
KL735Схипхол (AMS)Аеропуерто-Хато (CUR)32525 feet.448 knots.B78X
KL1495Схипхол (AMS)Ибица (IBZ)33000 feet.450 knots.B738
KL1583Схипхол (AMS)Гульельмо Маркони (BLQ)33000 feet.443 knots.E190
KL1613Схипхол (AMS)Ататюрк (IST)33000 feet.434 knots.B738
KL1407Схипхол (AMS)Монпелье (MPL)33462 feet.425 knots.E190
KL1711Схипхол (AMS)Порту (OPO)34250 feet.460 knots.B738
KL808Чан-кай-ши (TPE)Схипхол (AMS)36000 feet.480 knots.B77W
KL743Схипхол (AMS)Хорхе Чавес (LIM)36000 feet.553 knots.B77W
KL888Гонконг (HKG)Схипхол (AMS)36075 feet.474 knots.B789
KL507Схипхол (AMS)Тамбо (JNB)37000 feet.491 knots.B77W
KL1385Схипхол (AMS)Борисполь (KBP)37000 feet.460 knots.B738
KL749Схипхол (AMS)Эльдорадо (BOG)37975 feet.390 knots.B789
KL705Схипхол (AMS)Галеан (GIG)38000 feet.400 knots.B789
KL1567Схипхол (AMS)Элмас (CAG)38275 feet.466 knots.E190
KL1693Схипхол (AMS)Лиссабон (LIS)39000 feet.450 knots.B738
KL1037Схипхол (AMS)Малага (AGP)39000 feet.450 knots.B738
KL1387Схипхол (AMS)Борисполь (KBP)39000 feet.490 knots.B737
KL740Эльдорадо (BOG)Схипхол (AMS)41000 feet.513 knots.B789