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Airline Name Foundation year Fleet size
China Southern Airlines2004498
China Eastern1988407
Cathay Pacific1946143
COPA Airlines194788
China Airlines195983
Capital Airlines199563
Compass Airlines LLC200762
Cebu Pacific Air199657
China United Airlines198633
Cobham Aviation200933
China Express Airlines200425
Champlain Enterprises Inc. dba Commutair198924
China West Air Co. Ltd.200723
China Postal Airlines-22
Chengdu Airlines201022
Compania Operadora de Corto y Medio Radio Iberia Express, S.A.U201221
Cargolux S.A.197020
Cemair (Pty) Ltd. t/a Cemair200220
Canadian North Inc.198918
Czech Airlines j.s.c192315
Cargojet Airways200215
Caribbean Airlines200614
Chongqing Airlines Co. Ltd200714
Calm Air International Ltd.196213
Croatia Airlines198913
Caspian Airlines199312
Corendon Airlines200511
Ceiba Intercontinental200610
Corvus Airlines, Inc. dba Ravn Alaska201410
China Cargo Airlines19989
Compania de Servicios de Transporte Aereo Amaszonas - Amaszonas S.A19989
Capiteq Limited dba AIRNORTH-8
Centurion Cargo19857
Corsair International19917
Compagnie Aerienne ASKY dba ASKY20087
Chalair Aviation19866
Cayman Airways Limited19685
China Xinhua Airlines20025
Cambodia Angkor Air t/a Cambodia Angkor Air Co., Ltd.20095
Canary Fly, S.A.20105
CAIRE dba Air Antilles Express20024
Cargolux Italia S.p.A.20094
Chang an Airlines19923
C.A.L. Cargo Airlines20013
Comlux KZ20093
Corendon Dutch Airlines B.V.20113
Colorful GuiZhou Airlines Co., Ltd20153
China Sonangol-2
Chrono Aviation-2
Central Mountain Air Ltd.19872
Cham Wings Airlines20092
Closed Joint Stock Company " IrAero"20112
Cimber A/S20121
Central Airways--
CSA Air--
Commander Mexicana--
CTK Network Aviation--
CRI Helicopters Mexico--
Claessens International--
Compania Mexicana de Aeroplanos--
Czech Air Force--
Cal-West Aviation--
Comet Airlines--
Chernomor Avia--
Cross Aviation--
Compania Aerotecnicas Fotograficas--
Corporate Aviation Services--
Centre of Applied Geodynamica--
C.A.I. - Compagnia Aeronautica Italiana--
Central Helicopter Service--
Club Acrobatico Mediterraneo--
Conquest Air--
Centro de Formacion Aeronautica de Canarias--
Connectair Charters--
Cityline Hungary--
Chanchangi Airlines--
Cargo Airline of the State Concern Azerbaijan--
Comercializacion de Aviacion Ejecutiva--
C And M Aviation--
CanJet Airlines--
Certified Aircraft Dispatch--
CHC Global Operations International--
Caverton Helicopters--
Cape Central Airways--
Comercial Aerea--
Contel ASC--
Charlie Hammonds Flying Service--
CCF Manager Airline--
Cypress Airlines--
Central Aviation--
Canada Jet Charters--
Crystal Thai Airlines--
Click Airways International--
CAA Training Standards--
Colt Transportes Aereos--
Carpatair Flight Training--
Courier Services--
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum--
Custom Jet Charters--
Corporacion Ejecutiva de Transporte Aereo--
Cielos Del Peru--
Corporate Flight International--
CKC Services--
Centre D'essais En Vol--
Caravan Air--
Chodang University--
Crimea Universal Avia--
CHC Helikopter Service--
Chemech Aviation (Pvt) Limited--
Compania Lineas Aereas Nacionales turisticas (LANTUR)--
Casement Aviation--
Crown Airways--
Commodore Aviation--
Compania Aerea de Guinea Ecuatorial (COAGE)--
China General Aviation Corp. - CGAC--
Chaparral Airlines--
Centre Pankh Kazakhstan--
Court Helicopters--
Capital Air Service--
Chilchota Taxi Aereo--
Central Connect Airlines--
Corporate Air--
Corporate Jet--
Cook Inlet Aviation--
Chrome Air Service--
Caverton Helicopters Ltd.--
Copterplus Finland--
Coastal Air Transport--
Coningsby FTU--
Channel Island Aviation--
Convers Avia Airline--
Columbus Air Transport--
Chevron U.S.A.--
Cranwell FTU--
Continental Micronesia--
Cygnus Air--
Compagnie Nationale Naganagani--
Coptrade Air Transport--
Compion Aviation--
Continental Airlines--
Charters (South African Non Schedules Airways--
CFA Air Charters--
Canadian Helicopters--
Cinnamon Air--
Crow Executive Air--
Chantilly Air--
Christian Konig - Century Airbirds--
Colt International--
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation CAA--
Czech Air Handling--
Comercial de Aviacion (Comeravia)--
Calima Aviacion--
Caicos Express Airways--
Central Airlines--
China Ocean Helicopter Corp. - COHC--
Civil Aviation Authority Of New Zealand--
Central American Airlines--
Cougar Helicopters--
CET Aviation--
Central Mongolia Airways--
CM Sair, Compagnie Mauritanienne des Services ET--
Compuserve Incorporated--
Cabo Verde Express--
Continental Wings - Comoros Airlines--
Croatian Air Force--
Coastal Airways--
Conroe Aviation Services--
Continental Airways--
Consorcio Helitec--
CAI Second--
Classic Jet--
Coapa Air--
City Airways--
CAA Flight Examiners--
Corporate Jets--
Commair Aviation--
Caliber Jet Charter--
Comores Aviation International--
Colemill Enterprises--
China Flying Dragon Aviation--
C.S.P., Societe--
Chipola Aviation--
Club Aero Vigo--
California Air Shuttle--
Columbia Helicopters--
Chicago Air--
Corporate Flight Management Inc--
Castle Aviation--
Comlux Aruba--
Cesszani Aviation--
Challenge International Airlines--
Central Airways--
Corporacion Aereo Cencor--
Condor Aero Services--
Challenge Air--
CHC Global Operations Canada--
Corporate Flight Services--
Coastal Aviation--
Christman Air System--
Chautauqua Airlines Inc.--
Corporate Eagle Management Services--
C & M Airways--
CEGA Aviation--
Care Flight--
Charter Air--
Cooper Aerial Surveys--
Charlotte, NC Air National Guard--
CAT Aviation--
Copper State Air Service--
Cape Air Transport--
Cargo Express--
Capital Airlines--
Church Fenton FTU--
Chinguetti Airlines--
Capital Cargo International Airlines--
CAE Aviation--
Catalina Flying Boats--
Comoros International Airline--
Cobaltair Ltd--
Cuerpo Nacional de Policia--
C.A.T.E.X. Compagnie A�rien de Transports Executives--
Canarias Airlines--
Caribbean Airways--
Compania de Servicios Aereos Tavisa--
Comair Flight Services - CFS--
Compania Transportes Aereos Del Sur--
Church Aircraft--
CHC Airways--
CHC Helicopters Netherlands--
CHC Denmark APS--
Colvin Aviation--
Condor Berlin GmbH--
Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree--
Cryderman Air Service--
Chesapeake Air Service--
Centre National D'etudes Des Telecommunications (C.N.E.T.)--
Chabahar Airline--
Canadian Helicopters--
Capital Trading Aviation--
Comfort Air--
Cheyenne Airways--
Connect Air--
Commandement du Transport Aerien Militaire Francais--
Cambodia Bayon Airlines--
Cavok Air--
Cranfield Flight Training--
Cumberland Airways--
Canadian Armed Forces--
Centennial Airlines--
Cherry Air--
Canadian Coast Guard--
Copenhagen Airtaxi--
CMC Electronics--
Compuflight Operations Service--
CIMAS Emergency Air Rescue Service--
China Civil Aviation Flight University--
CJSC "East Air"--
Commercial Aviation--
Capital Airlines (Nigeria)--
Coin Aviation--
Cobham Aviation Services Australia--
Corporate Airlink--
Corporate Jet Management--
CPI Aviation--
Casper Air Service--
Compagnie Mauritanienne Des Transports--
Coturisca SA--
Czech Government Flying Service--
Carry Air--
Centre Airlines--
Cairo Aviation--
Centre In Charge Of A Flight Information Region Or An Upper Flight Information Region (Whe--
Corporacion Paraguaya de Aeronautica--
Central Queensland Aviation College--
Commonwealth Jet Service--
Congressional Air--
Canlink Aviation--
Corporacion Paraguayana de Aeronautica--
CAA Flying Unit--
Cam Air Management--
Corpac Canada--
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre--
Caribbean Air Cargo--
Crown Air--
Caribbean Express--
Cirrus Air--
Compania Aerea de Servicios Tur Air--
Centre In Charge Of Flight Information Region Or An Upper Flight Information Region (Wheth--
Casino Airlines--
Coval Air--
Challenge Aero--
Click Airways--
CAA Airworthiness Division--
Canarias Airlines--
Corporacion Aeroangeles--
Classica Air--
Coltishall FTU--
Comitel, Bedarfsfluge--
Caribbean Winds Airways--
Capitol Wings Airline--
C&I Corporation--
Centennial Airlines--
Comunicacion Global Objetivo--
Canadian Eagle Aviation--
Clipper Jet--
Compania de Servicios Aereos (SAESA)--
Cyprair Tours--
Compania Ejecutiva--
Corporate Aircraft Company--
Canadian National Telecommunications--
CM Airlines--
Caribbean Flights--
Center Vol--
Centrafrican Airlines--
Comed Group--
CTK - Network Aviation Mali--
Capitol Air Express--
Corporacion Centroamericana de Servicios Ge Navegacion Aerea (COCESNA)--
Coral Seas Express--
Clark Aviation--
Central Asian Services--
Cal Gulf Aviation--
Crystal Shamrock--
Croix Rouge Francais--
Coastal Air1976-
Coyne Airways1994-